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Magic: Conspiracy: Take the Crown Booster (15 cards) (engl.)

Conspiracy: Take the Crown is a fun new draft format, designed for multi-player games of Magic the Gathering for three to five players. Conspiracy: Take the Crown allows you to add deeper levels of intrigue to your next Magic the Gathering draft. Begin your plotting as soon as you open your first booster pack, as Conspiracy: Take the Crown builds on the revolutionary abilities and gameplay first introduced in the original Conspiracy set. New cards will effect the draft itself, and new conspiracies will twist the rules against your foes. Trade votes and spread your attacks to manipulate the game in your favour. Seize the crown to give yourself a greater edge, but watch out - others will attempt to pry the crown from you at any cost!

Hersteller: Wizards of the Coast

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Magic: Conspiracy: Take the Crown Booster (15 cards) (engl.)
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