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Mortans Cataclysm Catapult (deutsch)


This catapult fires cluster bombs which are large clay pots filled with explosive and metal shards. When the bomb hits the ground, the impact detonates the explosive, showering the nearby victims in shrapnel.

In addition to the standard ammunition, the catapult is fitted with vats of chemicals which can be loaded into the firing arm. This includes flammable naphtha and extremely corrosive acid.

The naphtha burns victims as a continuous effect until extinguished, causing the enemy to waste time putting out the flames. On the other hand, acid eats away at the armor and cloths of the victim and attacks exposed areas such as the face, or seeps under the clothes, causing excruciating pain. Both require action tokens be spent for the models to rid themselves of these continuous effects.

With a maximum range of 24 inches, the catapult is a fearsome piece of hardware.

1x Cataclysm Catapult
1x Machine Crew Leader
1x Machine Crew Trooper 1
1x Machine Crew Trooper 2
1x Round Plastic Base (50mm)
3x Round Plastic Bases (30mm)
1x Profile Card
12x Tokens (for cutting out)
These metal miniatures have a height of 40mm and a length of 100mm (War-Machine) and a height of 32mm (Machine Crew), consist of several parts, and come unassembled and unpainted.
The plastic bases are blank and not textured.
Some modeling is required
These models are not a toy and are not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Hersteller: Megalith Games

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Mortans Cataclysm Catapult (deutsch)
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