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Nordgaard Valkyrie (deutsch)


1x Valkyrie
1x Round Plastic Base (50mm)
1x Profile Card
12x Tokens (for cutting out)
This metal miniature has a height of 32mm (head to toe), consists of several parts, and comes unassembled and unpainted.
The plastic base is blank and not textured.
Some modeling is required
This model is not a toy and is not suitable for children under the age of 12.
It is only a matter of time before the Asrae gods march once more to war as they have done numerous times in the past. To replenish the warriors of their Heavenly Hosts, the Asrae induct the souls of mighty mortal warriors who die in battle.

The Valkyries snatch these souls before they pass on to the planes of the dead, then carry them upon their steeds to the land of the gods - there to feast and fight until the next celestial conflict.

The energy given off in death by the spirits she gathers invigorates the Valkyrie with power which can then be used in prayers to heal or resurrect fallen warriors who she deems worthy of a second chance to prove themselves. In this way, unit troopers can be restored to your warband, which is particularly potent when resurrecting high-point-cost models.

In addition to this primary function, the Valkyrie is a cavalry model and consequently highly mobile. Her Ethereal ability provides the Valkyrie good protection in combination with her considerable armor.

The Valkyrie's enchanted attacks make her ideal for combating other ethereal and spectral models and the two-inch range of her spear together with decent fighting skills is a powerful combination.

Hersteller: Megalith Games

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Nordgaard Valkyrie (deutsch)
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