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Nuts! (Ardennes 80 Pages)

Our third and final book in our Lorraine and Ardennes themed series is Nuts, The Siege of Bastogne, Battle of the Bulge, December 1944. As the title suggests this book covers the fighting around Bastogne, the US 101st Airborne Division’s epic defence and the German attempts take the town. The name of the book comes from General McAuliffe, acting commander of the 101st Airborne Division, in his reply to the Germans’ ultimatum to surrender Bastogne on 22 December 1944, when he simply replied ‘Nuts!’

However, Nuts also covers Operation Nordwind, the German attack in Northern Alsace-Lorraine, just south of the Ardennes. The German launched this attack take advantage of the distraction caused by their Ardennes offensive. Both German operations saw the first heavy use of new Volksgrenadier Divisions, the new type of infantry division introduced by the Germans, designed to fully utilise their limited manpower by introducing increased firepower with new weapons like the StG44 assault rifle.

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Nuts! (Ardennes 80 Pages)
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