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Omnidyne Patrol Fleet


The Omnidyne Special Operations (OSO) Company is an off-shoot arm of the Directorate, and operates fleets that are strongly allied with the Zenian League and known to fight alongside the Corsair faction. In recent times the OSO has undergone significant expansion and has won the favour of its corporate overlords, leading to a major expansion of its naval space forces.
Modularity and replication is a key part of any vessel build for the OSO. Many of its key vessels feature a standardised build, allowing fleets operating far afield to be readily maintained. At the heart of an OSO Patrol Fleet is the Executive Class Battleship, a solid and dependable Tier 1 vessel which has the ability to anchor a fleet while its supporting Auditor Class Gunships wreak havoc on the enemy. The Patrol Fleet is rounded off by six Synergy Class Corvettes, which can be fielded as a single brutal small Squadron or attached to the Executive Class Battleship.
Inside a Patrol Fleet you get 1 x Executive Class Battleship, 2 x Auditor Class Gunships, 6 x Synergy Class Corvettes, 9 x acrylic flight stands, 2 x Large SRS Tokens and 2 x Small SRS Tokens.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Omnidyne Patrol Fleet
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