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Oroshan Patrol Fleet


The Oroshan are one of the many alien races to exist wholly as nomadic starfarers; their original home planet lost to the mists of time and legend. However, what makes the Oroshan so notable is that almost the entire race seems to subsist largely through the proceeds of mercenary contracts. Individual Oroshan Hwyvirna, or ‘Bloodtribes’, are willing to sign up as mercenaries for virtually anyone willing to pay them enough. Pragmatic realists, the Oroshan are highly valued because of their reputation for reliability, but one must always remember that their loyalty to any other faction only lasts as long as the duration of their contracts.
Contains: 1 Harbringer Class Battle Carrier, 4 Defiler Class Cruisers, 6 Slayer Class Frigates, 2 Large SRS Tokens, 2 Small SRS Tokens, 1 TAC Deck and Tokens and Templates

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Oroshan Patrol Fleet
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