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PHR: Poseidon Heavy Dropship / Njord Assault Dropship (1)

The Njord is a frontline heavy dropship, a bruising transport created for the express purpose of creating a beachhead position and securing it. It lacks the capacity of the Poseidon - carrying a reduced complement of 4 rather than 6 battle walkers - but it makes up for this with ground clearance and offensive capability.
Augmenting its standard armaments are two Heavy Stealth Missile Pods. Independent targeting and multiple cascade salvos create devastation the equal of a medium-sized Sabre MBT unit. Given its aggressive design, the Njord tends to deploy close assault and support battle walkers, often including a mix of Phobos and Menchit A1 and A2s, creating a combined arms force to take on all possible threats.

One model per blister
Blister contains parts to build either Njord or Poseidon variants.
10mm Scale

Hersteller: Hawk Wargames

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PHR: Poseidon Heavy Dropship / Njord Assault Dropship (1)
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