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Planetfall: Aquan Prime Aerial Interceptor Helix


The sleek lines and blistering speed of Aquan aerial assets are rightly feared across the battlefields of the Firestorm Universe.
Within the Interceptor Helix, the guardians of Csera use a combination of powerful anti-air defence, hit and run engagement, and unusual multi-dimensional tactics to punish the enemy from all sides.
The Helix is commanded by a Vorati Heavy Gunship. Its armaments give the Aquan forces a strong air-attack capability with Stingray Missiles and a very strong set of close quarters battle weapons. The most unusual upgrade given to the Vorati is its adaptive armour plating.
Supplemented by a coating of Mirror Crystals that allow the Heavy Gunship to be targeted by friendly Aquan Beam weapons, the Aquan forces gain an unprecedented ability to engage the enemy from any quarter, using the Vorati as a nexus point for their attacks! Supporting the Vorati are the swift Minnari Interceptors. Organised into small, hard hitting squadrons, these hunter-killers are armed with even more Stingray Missiles and can bring down far larger prey in a concentrated volley.
Contains: 1 Vorati Class Heavy Gunship and 4 Minnari Class Interceptors. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Planetfall: Aquan Prime Aerial Interceptor Helix
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