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Planetfall: Dindrenzi Federation Aerial Interceptor Helix


The Dindrenzi Federation approach warfare with a fanatical zeal that ensures they are feared (and often despised) across the Firestorm Galaxy. When engaging enemy flyers, the Dindrenzi Interceptors take this fanaticism into the violent dogfights that rage across the skies, throwing themselves into the teeth of the enemy without fear.
The Orestes Heavy Gunship provides the strong firepower base for the Helix. Armed with Heavy Estock Flak Launchers, the powerful Gunship can punish any enemy who come within range, bringing them down with mass accelerated shrapnel!
In addition to its primary armament, the Orestes also mounts a powerful Nexus Designator and communications array. This combination of equipment allows the Heavy Gunship to call in multiple artillery strikes on the ground forces arrayed against it.
The Erinyes Interceptor gives the Dindrenzi the perfect spaceto- surface engagement flyer. Armed with lighter Estock Flak Launchers, its increased speed and manoeuvrability is best used to hunt down enemy light aircraft a task it performs with righteous zeal.
Contains: 1 Orestes Class Heavy Gunship, 3 Erinyes Class Heavy Interceptors and 2 Sky Drop Markers & Micro Dice. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Planetfall: Dindrenzi Federation Aerial Interceptor Helix
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