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Planetfall: Hawker Industries Allied Aerial Helix


The noble Hawker Industries have been the backbone of the Terran Charter since its inception. They take strength from their traditions and history, citing the adage: ?Legacy through Fortitude? in all aspects of their endeavours.
On the battlefields of the Firestorm Galaxy, Hawker Industries use their extensive experience gathered over countless battlefields to direct and control Artillery Barrages and participate in ground target extermination missions.
Contains: 1 Heavy Gunship, 4 Heavy Ground Attack Flyers, 2 Drop Site Markers & 2 Micro Dice and 1 random Objective Token. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

Best.-Nr.: SGPFAH04

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Planetfall: Hawker Industries Allied Aerial Helix
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