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Planetfall: RSN Allied Assault Helix


Driven by fanatical zeal and shrouded by Cloaking Fields, the Rense System Navy strike without warning from the skies to sow terror amongst their enemies.
Capable of dropping into hot zones, the deadly Archangel Battle Robot wields its Shard of Dramos Wrist Blade to devastating effect, shearing though enemy vehicles and Leviathans in brutal hand to hand combat. Its powerful Clamare Missiles seek and destroy enemy flyers with righteous zeal.
Once the Archangel has secured a landing site, the RSN bring in their Temple of Dramos, a monolithic structure that acts as a nexus of control on the battlefield, fuelling the wrath of nearby RSN and Dindrenzi forces. Hidden within this shadowy structure are the mindless Seraph Drones, a small cadre of Light Drone Tanks armed with fearsome Asmodian Lasers - a prototype RSN Beam weapon that cuts through enemy heavy armour with ease.
Contains: 1 Archangel Battle Robot, 1 Temple of Dramos, 6 Seraph Light Drone Tanks, 1 Sky Drop Marker & 1 Micro Dice. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Planetfall: RSN Allied Assault Helix
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