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Planetfall: Terquai Allied Recon Helix


The Allied expansion Helixes allow owners of the Aquan and Directorate forces from the Proteus Prime Boxed Set to immediately expand their forces. In the rules up to TWO Allied Helixes can be added to each Core Helix deployed into the heart of a ground battle.

The Terquai are close allies of the Aquan Prime, and this Recon Helix is intended to aid Aquan forces in harassing their opponents. The Heavy Gunship lays down devastating fire, while itself soaking up enemy attacks, and can be used to deploy Temporal Portals onto a battlefield. The flexibility of this Helix though comes from the two cadres of Heavy Infantry Drones which can use the Temporal Portals to be transported instantaneously into battle zones.

1 x Iophon Heavy Gunship
10 x Bases of Nabis Heavy Infantry (2 Full Cadres)
2 x Temporal Portals (60mm x 40mm scenic base)

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Planetfall: Terquai Allied Recon Helix
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