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Planetfall: The Relthoza Ground Attack Helix


The mighty Vaxiss Ground Attack Leviathan is extensively used by the Relthoza as a first strike element. Crewed by a number of fully developed Relthozan Warriors, the monstrous amalgam spurs the forces of Relthoza onwards with a combination of speed and focused aggression, accelerated by the insertion of the Massith Drone Node – a prototype synaptic-inducer that delivers using the Leviathan’s boosted Nexus Designator.
The Vaxiss is further armed with a pair of Pupa Shard Cannons that spit out a torrent of highly voracious nano-munitions that can be seen to literally ‘eat the target’, and a mounted Chelicerae Missile System that can independently target heavily defended enemy targets, the Vaxiss is rightly feared across the enemies of the Relthozan Empire.
The Massith Drone Node is a relatively new Relthozan technological advance. The node is entirely passive until activated by the proximity of Relthozan light elements. When active, the Node interfaces with the younger Relthozan’s battle suits, increasing aggression and combat potential. This unusual Node is often deployed by the Vaxiss Ground Attack Leviathan prior to a focused orbital assault by the light forces, turning these small elements into furious killers!
Contains: 1 Vaxiss Ground Attack Leviathan, 2 Massith Drone Nodes and 1 Sky Drop Marker & Micro Dice. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Planetfall: The Relthoza Ground Attack Helix
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