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Planetfall: The Relthoza Recon Helix


The Relthozan Empire are well known for their ability to drop into the battlefield, preferring to use their disposable Drone Swarms to take and hold objectives or assault enemy armour.
However, there are often instances where the Light Drones simply will not do, and that is when the Jamriss Heavy Drones simply will not do, and that is when the Jamriss Heavy Drones are brought to bear, deployed via a specially adapted, and heavily reinforced Yayiss-Va Sky Pod.
Taken from Jabri swarms that have proven their worth, the Jamriss are grafted into a far heavier battle suit, injected with enhanced targeting and aggression pheromones desgiend to drive the Relthozan within to even greater levels of battlefield lethality.
In order to keep these assault specialist in line, the Relthozans place the cadre under the command of a Caramis Walker squadron. The Caramis is not only exceptional at providing anti-air support to the Recon Helix, but its Nexus Designator assists in the safe delivery from low orbit of the Yayiss-Va Sky Pod.
Contains: 2 Yayiss-Va Heavy Sky Pods, 2 Caramis Anti-Air Medium Walkers, 10 Jamriss Heavy Drones, 2 Sky Drop Markers and 2 Micro Dice. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Planetfall: The Relthoza Recon Helix
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