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Planetfall: Two Player Box - Battle for Proteus Prime


Location: Proteus Prime ? an abandoned world, named by Terquai Scientists after the shape changing Greek Mythological sea-god.
Core Forces: Aquan Prime and Directorate
Allied Forces: Terquai and Works Raptor

Proteus Prime: a desolate and ancient world, inhabited only by a far-flung Terquai science outpost, has become a warzone. Directorate Battle Groups scour the surface for evidence of a hidden technology, long since lost to the galaxy. The Aquan Prime, eager to stop this technology falling into enemy hands has despatched its own ground forces to neutralise the threat.

The Directorate, with its Works Raptor allies, want the technology and are willing to eradicate all who stand before them to get it. The Aquans and Terquai allies will do anything to stop them.

Inside the Battle for Proteus Prime boxed set you get:

Aquan Core Helix
1 x ?Sedna? Heavy Skimmer Tank
3 x ?Lamana? Medium Skimmers Tanks
5 x ?Imzani? Light Recon Skimmers Tanks
1 x ?Sirsir? Medium Skimmer Designator Tank
2 x ?Votari? Crystal Nodes (with the ability to swap out the Crystals for Anti-Air Batteries!)
5 x Bases of Aquan ?Khitari? Infantry (mix of scenic bases with 3-4 minis on each)

Directorate Core Helix
1 x ?Desolator? Heavy Battle Crawler Tank
3 x ?Retaliator? Medium Battle Crawlers Tanks
5 x ?Informer? Light Recon Buggies
2 x ?Trojan? Cyber Warfare Tanks
1 x ?Intruder? Combat Personnel Carrier (APC)
5 x Bases of Directorate ?Patriot? Shock Infantry (mix of scenic bases with 3-4 minis on each)

1 x Full Colour Rulebook
2 x Planetfall TAC Decks
1 x ?The Battle of Proteus Prime? ? a 64 Page A5 Campaign Book (including Statistics for all Aquan and Directorate Forces in the set)
2 x Medium Bunkers
3 x Small Buildings
1 x A5 Pre-printed Crashed Shuttle Sheet
A5 Token and Template Sheets

Orders up to November 22nd, 2014 the Battle for Proteus Prime boxed set will come with 2 fantastic free gifts:†
Gift 1: A multi-part resin model of a Terquai Crashed Shuttle
Gift 2: Two more Battle Scenes from Proteus Prime: The same scene, but from the two Commandersí separate viewpoints - one Aquan, one Directorate. Delivered as high quality prints that gamers can frame.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Planetfall: Two Player Box - Battle for Proteus Prime
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