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Planetfall: Veydreth Allied Recon Helix


The tribes of the Veydreth specialise in hunting foes that are larger than themselves. Their Recon Helix uses a specialised form of Beam Weapon named the Ikori. Its accuracy allows Veydreth Gunners to target with preternatural precision the weak points in both massive creatures and enemy armour alike.
The Yok-Ta Medium Skimmer mounts two of these weapons, along with an advanced targeting mechanism that allows both the Yok-Ta and all other elements in its formation to tear through armour to the weak flesh beneath. When on the hunt for prey, the Yok-Ta is also capable of bringing in an Artillery Strike on the target prior to their main Ordnance attack, using the confusion and carnage to disorientate their foes sufficiently enough to line up the killing shot.
The Nuk-Su Light Skimmers are used to escort their larger parent element, supporting with their own Ikori Beam Lances to focus their power on a target. Whilst only small, their speed and manoeuvrability allow them to flank their prey, probing for weak points.
Contains: 2 Yok-Ta Medium Skimmers, 8 Nuk-Su Light Skimmers, 2 Sky Drop Markers & 2 Micro Dice. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Planetfall: Veydreth Allied Recon Helix
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