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Polish HMG Platoon

with three HMG teams & one Command Rifle team.

At the end of the Polish-Soviet war, the Polish army had in its possession numerous models of machine-guns in all makes and calibres. To avoid any logistical nightmares in any future conflicts, the Polish army decide to standardise the machine-gun it used and begun searching for potential contenders.

Among the contenders to be trialled was the Browning M1917 and after a vigorous regime of testing it proved to be the most suitable candidate, mainly due to its simple design and high tolerance to fouling while in the field.

Therefore, the Poles decide to purchase a licence from Colt to manufacture the weapon. However, due to an oversight by both Colt and its European representative; Fabrique Nationale, the design patent was not valid in Poland.

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Polish HMG Platoon
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