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Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Air Cadre


The Air Cadres of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth are an awesome sight to behold. Resplendent in red, white and gold these aerial forces are as deadly as they are impressive. Dominating the sky with the perfect mix of speed and strength, they stand ever ready to bring glory to the Commonwealth. At the heart of the Air Cadre is the Zamiec Class Sky Fortress, launching waves of Fighters into battle, supported by the deadly flamethrowers of the Gryf Class Flame Blimp and the heavy ordnance of the Grom Class Gunnery Blimp. This solid core of airships relies on the Szabla Class Interceptor to use its manoeuvrability and firepower to prevent enemy Flyers getting within range, or to take out Anti Air units on the ground.

Contains: 1 Zamiec Class Sky Fortress, 3 Gryf Class Flame Blimps, 3 Grom Class Gunnery Blimps, 5 Szabla Class Interceptors, 16 Russian Coalition Tiny Flyer Tokens and 1 A5 Fleet Booklet.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Air Cadre
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