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Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Naval Battle Group


A wholly skimming force, the PLC navy has seen action in the Arctic, the Baltic and the Black Seas, and has been used to devastating effect along the Eastern front. The hulking menace lurking at the rear is the Triglav, an Assault Carrier equipped with vicious bombards and broadsides. The Dazbog serves as the iron fist of the PLC navy, a pocket battleship with three devastating turrets capable of hurling a massive amount of fire at close range.
In support the PLC has the Podaga, a quick and nimble skimming cruiser, and the Marowit, a skimming gunship carrying a pair of deadly fore-mounted turrets. Last, but by no means least, come the Bagiennik, named after the fabled Slavic water demons, these heavy frigates are fast and deadly.
Contains: 1 Triglav Class Assault Carrier, 1 Dazbog Class Battleship, 2 Marowit Class Gunships, 3 Podaga Class Cruisers, 4 Bagiennik Class Heavy Frigates, 16 Russian Coalition Support Aircraft Wings, 3 SAS Trays, 3 Micro Dice, A5 Token & Template Sheets and 1 Deck of TAC Cards. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Naval Battle Group
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