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Prussian Empire Seydlitz Class Mobile Airfield (1)


It was Professor Johann von Klemp who first came up with the idea for the Seydlitz Class Mobile Airfield. He was a fervent patriot and wanted the monolithic mobile machine to not only inspire the troops around it, but leave no one on the battlefield confused as to which great nation created it - especially from the air. The bottom hull is based on the SR-6 tractor assembly, onto which von Klempís team of scientists and engineers assemble not one runway, but two. Armed with two turrets and an array of Tesla weaponry the Seydlitz is a formidable vehicle, and provides valuable air support to ground units as its wings of BF-54 Kondor Fighters quickly launch and land.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Prussian Empire Seydlitz Class Mobile Airfield (1)
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