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Raiden Seibutai (Heavy Rocket Launcher)

This Infinity Yu Jing Raiden Seibutai (Heavy Rocket Launcher)†blister pack contains one (1) Yu Jing Raiden Seibutai (Heavy Rocket Launcher)†miniature. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.
Quick and unexpected is the definition of the Raiden unitís attacks, as it is with the destructive power of Japanese lightning. The task of the Raiden Seibutai in the Sectorial Japanese Army is clear and precise: to protect the advance of their comrades when they are engaged in a Banzai charge. Given that the specialty of the Japanese Army is close combat, the Raiden have to guarantee the safety of their brothers in arms while they approach the enemy.
Despite the undeniable tendency of Yu Jingís High Command to use Japanese troops as expendable cannon fodder, the need for a support force to ensure the success of the Japanese assault troops was evident. That is the reason why, in the middle of the NeoColonial Wars, this Seibutai was constituted, a regiment of select troops whose training would emphasize the accurate and effective use of support weapons.

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Raiden Seibutai (Heavy Rocket Launcher)
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