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RSN Carrier Group


The Rense System Navy (RSN) was originally founded by Markus Rense just after the Outer Reachís victory in the Second Secession War, with a straightforward mission: to serve as the dedicated defence fleet of Ravenís Citadel, the capital system of the new Dindrenzi Federation.
RSN Garuda Class Carriers are commonly found at the heart of combined Zenian forces readying for an engagement. One of the premiere Carrier craft serving in the galactic sector, its presence is therefore a powerful weapon in the arsenal of any Zenian Fleet during battle.
Contains: 1 Garuda Class Carrier, 3 Harpy Class Escorts, 2 Large SRS Tokens and 2 Small SRS Tokens.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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RSN Carrier Group
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