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RSN Patrol Fleet


The Rense System Navy (RSN) was originally founded by Markus Rense just after the Outer Reachís victory in the Second Secession War, with a straightforward mission: to serve as the dedicated defence fleet of Ravenís Citadel, the capital system of the new Dindrenzi Federation.
The warships of the RSN are sleek, deadly fighting vessels, packed with state-of-the-art technology and weapon systems. Products of Dindrenzi and Directorate technical expertise, they combine the mighty brute strength of Federation railguns and torpedoes with the incandescent fury of massed plasma batteries.
Contains: 1 Spirit Class Battleship, 1 Hellhound Class Heavy Cruiser, 3 Shrike Class Cruisers, 4 Hellion Class Frigates, 1 Large SRS Token, 1 Small SRS Token, 1 TAC Deck and Game Tokens and Templates

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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RSN Patrol Fleet
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