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Sorylian Collective Bastion Fleet


Sorylians have some natural advantages when it comes to ground assaults, their tiered caste system providing them with natural heavy troops even before the addition of their substantial, and extremely rugged, technology. Surprisingly to some, Sorylian assault forces are delivered with blistering speed, punching through defensive lines before they can sustain heavy damage, and delivering waves of Kon Avarr heavy infantry and fearsome armoured walkers to precise drop points.
The Sorylians, unlike most other races, eschew the employment of very large ships for transporting their forces – the risk of losing such a large contingent of troops seems unnecessary and illogical to them. Their natural predisposition to a more reasoned approach means that they prefer to employ larger numbers of smaller craft, assuring their ground commanders that at least some of their forces will reach their destination, rather than risking all their assets in a single large ship.
Thus it is that the Amentum Battlecruiser, Katar Assault Cruiser and Corvus Class Frigate are used to transport the Sphere’s offensive troops into ground combat. Fast, rugged and reliable, these ships are often found in the regular fleet formations of the pragmatic Sorylians, and prove an unwelcome sight to any opposition that face them.
This boxed set ships with a booklet containing information on six fleet commanders. Included in the booklet is rules for invading planets and linking forces to the Firestorm Planetfall ground game, along with sample scenarios to get players started.
Contains: 2 Amentum Class Battlecruisers, 3 Katar Class Assault Cruisers, 5 Corvus Class Frigates, 1 A5 scenery sheet and 1 A5 booklet. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Sorylian Collective Bastion Fleet
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