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Sorylian Collective Patrol Fleet

Peerless engineering and spacecraft design gives the ships of the Sorylian Collective hardy vessels with swift engines. In battle they barrel toward the enemy, cylindrical hulls and energy shielding deflecting the worst of the incoming fire. Multiple redundancies and top class technicians keep their ships running at full effectiveness, even if a lucky shot does penetrate their armour. Surging into the midst of the enemy fleet, vast batteries of devastating thermal cannon let rip from both flanks. Firing in patterns mathematically calculated to register the most impacts against their target, regardless of any evasive action they take, there is no escape for prey caught in their sights. As thermal detonations ripple through the enemy fleet, heaving their vessels reeling, platoons of Skvarr marines and Kon Avarr shock troops prepare their assault shuttles for launch. Resilient in defence and fierce in attack, Patrol Fleets from the Sorylian Collective combine simple, direct tactics with expertly designed vessels to hammer their enemies into submission.

Contains: 1 Flax Class Battleship, 4 Falcata Class Cruisers, 5 Reaper Class Frigates, 1 upgrade components for a Kopis Class Heavy Cruiser, 2 A5 Token Sheets and 1 Pack of Tactical Ability Cards. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Sorylian Collective Patrol Fleet
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