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Sorylian Collective Planetary Defence Group


Sorylian military tactics have not fundamentally changed for centuries, and the current conflict of their human allies has not changed that - though the ordered and logical minds of the Sorylians have refined and updated the tools they use for those well-established protocols. The Phalanx Battle Station is one of the ultimate expressions of Sorylian Sphere defence strategies ? a solid, easily defended unit with superior fire control and multiple redundancies.
For areas where a Phalanx is not justified, or to add flexible firepower to an important installation, the Aspis is available as the next defensive sphere. This box set contains a Phalanx Battle Stations and a Squadron of 4 x Aspis Defence Platforms. Together they represent the breakwater against the Zenian League that the Sorylians have precisely engineered. Woe betide the commander that underestimates that calculation ? they will find the wrath of Kerender a hard lesson indeed.

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Sorylian Collective Planetary Defence Group
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