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Space Marine Blood Angels Codex (english)


Staunch defenders of the Imperium from their earliest days, the Blood Angels are a proud and noble Space Marine Chapter who fight to protect the Emperorís realm and to atone for their own hidden failings. For they hide an inner darkness, a gene-curse which reduces their most courageous warriors to raving, blood-mad beasts.

This 112-page, full colour hardback codex contains:
- Background of the origin of the Blood Angels, their Chapter organisation, successor Chapters, colour schemes and heraldry
- Details of a brand new Blood Angels successor Chapter, the Carmine Blades
- An explanation of the most famous events and battles from the Chapterís history
- Descriptions of all of the units and characters available to the Blood Angels
- A showcase of beautifully painted Blood Angels miniatures
- Rules for fielding your collection of Blood Angels in games of Warhammer 40,000 including army special rules, warlord traits, and a formation for a Battle Company
- Wargear includes weapons only available to the Blood Angels, special issue wargear and the Relics of Baal
- The Sanguinary Discipline - with psychic powers only available to the Blood Angels
- Baal Strike Force - a unique Detachment force organisation chart
- 6 Tactical Objectives exclusive to the Blood Angels

Hersteller: Games Workshop

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Space Marine Blood Angels Codex (english)
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