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Star Wars X Wing: Death Star II Playmat

Bring the galaxy to life with two stunning Star Wars Playmats! Both the Bespin Playmat and the Death Star II Playmat are easily portable, 3’ by 3’ neoprene playmats with slip-resistant bottoms, and both are tournament legal for all your games of X-Wing™ and Star Wars™: Armada. You can fight among the gentle, light-soaked clouds above Cloud City on the Bespin Playmat, or recreate the climactic space battles from Return of the Jedi with the Death Star II Playmat. Whether you use one of these playmats for a standard, 100-point game of X-Wing or lay it next to another playmat to form the 6’ by 3’ surface for the larger conflicts of Star Wars: Armada and X-Wing Epic Play, these gorgeous Star Wars Playmats ensure your battles will feel as epic as the galaxy in which they take place!

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Star Wars X Wing: Death Star II Playmat
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