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StarWars RPG: Star Wars Roleplay: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook

Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ Core Rulebook! The second of three standalone, cross-compatible roleplaying games, Age of Rebellion allows you to become a hero of the Rebel Alliance, and take on the sinister Galactic Empire. The Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook provides everything you and your friends need to wage guerrilla warfare across the galaxy.
Do You Have What it Takes?

The Empire treats all Rebels harshly. Sympathizers are imprisoned and questioned about other Rebels. Captured Rebels are imprisoned locally, shipped off to prison planets, or executed as traitors to the Empire. Once in Imperial hands, many are never seen again.

The Rebels’ drive to destroy the Empire reflects their spirit and determination to live free. They fight for freedom from oppression for both themselves and for others. They reject the Emperor and his fear-mongering and oppressive ways. They brave the consequences in hope of building a better life for themselves, their families, and the galaxy at large.

The Rebel Alliance is the greatest hope and biggest single symbol of dissent in the galaxy. Its success emboldens others to join the fight. But to succeed, the Rebel Alliance requires people of all types and capabilities. It needs military officers and personnel from admirals to soldiers to staff its ships and armies. It needs spies and saboteurs to infiltrate the Imperial bureaucracy and military facilities. It needs mechanics and technicians, scouts and doctors, engineers and procurement specialists. In short, just about everyone has a skill the Rebellion could use somewhere in the galaxy.

Do you have the tenacity and courage it takes to become a Rebel hero?

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StarWars RPG: Star Wars Roleplay: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook
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