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StarWars RPG: Star Wars Roleplay: Age of Rebellion GM Kit

As members of the Rebel Alliance, player characters in Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ are sure to be confronted with myriad dangerous, and downright deadly situations. Whether racing for cover under heavy blaster fire, or trying to infiltrate an Imperial base, the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ Game Master’s Kit has everything you need to keep your players focused on the action!

The GM Kit includes a GM screen which will keep all the information you’ll need as Game Master at your fingertips during your Age of Rebellion sessions. You’ll also find new rules for running military squads and squadrons. The GM Kit also includes a complete adventure, Dead in the Water, so you and your players can stand strong against the Empire, even after you’ve finished the adventure featured in the Core Rulebook.

Squads and Squadrons Optional Rules

The Age of Rebellion Game Master’s Kit contains optional rules for running military squads and squadrons during the course of your adventures throughout the galaxy. Players will be able to fight as part of a squad or squadron, which provide assistance during both personal and vehicle combat.
In many campaigns, PCs fight alongside other Rebel soldiers against the evil Galactic Empire. The squad and squadron rules allow GMs and players to organize minion groups under the leadership of PCs or rival and nemesis NPCs. Squads are groups of infantry on the ground, while squadrons are groups of vehicles, particularly starfighters and airspeeders. Organizing minion groups in this way can empower PCs and story-critical NPCs and scale up combat as a whole without adding initiative slots or sacrificing the cinematic pace of combat.

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StarWars RPG: Star Wars Roleplay: Age of Rebellion GM Kit
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