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Team Yankee

Battlefront, famed for their award-winning game Flames Of War, is about to release Team Yankee, a game set in 1985 as the Soviet Union opens the Third World War by invading West Germany. Designer Phil Yates tells us about this new game.
Team Yankee is a book written by Harold Coyle in 1987 about a fictitious Soviet attack into Germany from the viewpoint of Captain Bannon commanding Team Yankee, an Armour-heavy Combat Team in the US Army. It’s also a stand-alone game being released by Battlefront.
The idea for the game began a few years ago when Harold, a Flames Of War player, sent Battlefront a autographed copy of Team Yankee. At the time our response was ‘We have to do this sometime’, and that sometime has turned into now.
The design goals for Team Yankee were pretty straight forward. We wanted to fit everything you need, including the entire rulebook, plenty of background, and complete US and Soviet forces and scenarios from the novel, in a 120-page hardback book.

We wanted to keep the depth and complexity that made Flames Of War so popular, but make the game simpler to learn. We wanted the game to be robust enough for tournament play, but have as few special rules and exceptions as possible to keep it accessible to casual players. Finally, we wanted to make sure that we would have excellent plastic kits for the key tanks and helicopters.

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Team Yankee
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