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The Directorate Planetary Defence Group

Of all the parties in the current conflict, the Directorate are the most difficult to predict, the most mercurial in nature. This is true when it comes to defence as well as offence, as the Firewall Battle Station and Neutralizer Defence Platform attest to. Difficult to locate, to track on sensors or to lock weapons onto, Directorate automata reply with cyberattacks, plasma laced with pathogens and torpedoes which smash through ships ruined defences.
This box set contains a Firewall Battle Station and a Squadron of 4 x Neutralizer Defence Platforms. Deployed separately or in tandem, they offer any Directorate Manager a choice of options in site defence or target denial. Tales of their use are few and far between, however, as incursions into Directorate space are rarely heard of again?.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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The Directorate Planetary Defence Group
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