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Towns and Installations Set

Great conflicts often take place amongst the towns and cities of the world, with the outcome of battles often decided by the control of key locations, such as munitions factories and bunker complexes. Inside this box you will find a wide selection of civilian buildings and military installations to help transform your gaming table into the World of Dystopian Wars.
Contains: 1 Large Military Bunker plus various nation drop-ons, 3 Medium Military Bunkers, 4 Small Military Bunkers, 6 Triple Warehouses, 10 Single Warehouses, 3 Refineries, 1 Manor House, 1 Medium House, 5 Small Houses, 1 Zeppelin Tower, 1 Capital Building and 3 Dock Cranes. Models unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Towns and Installations Set
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