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Troglodytes Duskborn Chieftain (deutsch)


Every noble in the Trolloth's strict feudal system has a loyal Duskborn Chieftain who organizes the building of defenses, levies and trains the militia and leads the professional soldiers during battle.

War between nobles is common, and the Duskborn Chieftains of deposed nobles often end up becoming mercenary captains, gathering to them a warband of freebooting Troglodytes.

The Trolloth prefer weapons and armor of iron, and such leaders are normally clad in 100-130 lbs (60-70 kilos) of armor, and wield a pair of heavy morning-stars. Due to their size and the density of their muscles, a Duskborn Chieftain is still able to move around quite freely with such an encumbrance.

Having plundered many defeated enemies, Duskborn Chieftains have naturally acquired enchanted weapons, armor and magical artifacts.

The combination of skill, armor, power and survivability of such individuals makes them a horror to behold on the battlefield, and they are easily capable of executing entire enemy units with brutal efficiency.

In addition to his combat prowess, the Duskborn Chieftain has three tactics he can order to troops, making him an all-rounder type of Warlord.

1x Duskborn Chieftain
1x Round Plastic Base (40mm)
1x Profile Card
3x Item Cards
12x Tokens (for cutting out)
This metal miniature has a height of 50mm (head to toe), consists of several parts, and comes unassembled and unpainted.
The plastic base is blank and not textured.
Some modeling is required
This model is not a toy and is not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Hersteller: Megalith Games

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Troglodytes Duskborn Chieftain (deutsch)
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