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Victrix: Napoleon´s Old Guard Grenadiers (60)

The Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard were formed on May 18th 1804. They were soldiers of exceptional loyalty and experience, and operated as Napoleon’s bodyguard and tactical reserve under the Emperor’s direct control.
Napoleon expanded the Imperial Guard in 1810, adding a second regiment of Grenadiers. In 1811 a third regiment was added with the incorporation of his brother Louis Bonaparte’s Dutch Grenadiers. All three regiments went on the campaign against Russia in 1812. The 3rd Grenadiers were all but killed or captured during the ill-fated venture but the rest of the Old Guard was able to act as a rock of stability to the remnants of the shattered Grand Armee during its retreat through the freezing wastes of Russia.
The Grenadiers fought hard during the 1813 campaign against the allied armies of Europe and the subsequent 1814 campaign in the defence of France. They were victorious in every action but they were too few. Not even ‘les Grognards’ as they were known could prevent the collapse of France and Napoleon’s abdication.
This set contains 60 figures and fast play rules, also included are 8 regimental flags, representing flags of the 1811 and 1812 issue. Positions included in the box are,
4 officers
4 standard bearers
4 drummers
16 firing line, firing, priming and loading
16 march attack with arms fully attached
16 either march attack or advancing at porte/charge
Of course any arm can be used on any figure, giving you the option to make many more positions than listed.
Also included are 4 porte Fannion arms to make sergeants for your regiments.  The 14 individual heads in the set are full of character, reflecting the grizzled nature of Napoleon’s ‘Grognards’
Another aspect of this sets versatility is that you can use heads from set VX0005 French Napoleonic infantry 1807-1812 on the bodies of the Grendiers and create line grenadiers and voltigeurs in greatcoats or regiments of legere in greatcoats. Also by using the Old Guard heads on the Grenadier bodies in set VX0005 you can make Old Guard Grenadiers in campaign dress.

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Victrix: Napoleon´s Old Guard Grenadiers (60)
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