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Warehouse Accessories


No space station, bunker or facility would be complete without a depot or cargo bay, and this accessory pack provides all the storage containers and crates you will need to fill a warehouse from floor to ceiling.
Coming in all shapes and sizes, these boxes and barrels can be arranged and stacked to create an exciting battleground with plenty of cover for close range fire-fights.
Watch out for the bio-hazard containers though - they might not be so safe to hide behind!
This set even comes with a pair of omni-pallets for moving heavy cargo - great portable cover for quick thinking soldiers.
Contains: 4 x Barrels, 6 x Bio-Hazard Containers, 4 x Storage Crates, 5 x Storage Containers, 2 x Pallets and 8 x Pallet Arms. Models unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Warehouse Accessories
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