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Warmachine: Cryx Cephalyx Overlords (3 Models)

Surface dwellers know little of the subterranean cephalyx and virtually nothing of their overlords. These sinister beings coordinate the alliance with Lord Toruk and direct their inhuman brethren in the furtherance of the cephalyx's enigmatic goals. The overlords' formidable mental powers bend lesser minds to their will with an excruciatingly painful burst of telepathic domination.

The Cephalyx Overlords are Cryx models that can be included in mercenary contracts that specify them as eligible participants. The Cephalyx Overlords come in a blister (PIP 42011). A player may field one unit of Cephalyx Overlords for each warcaster in his army.

Hersteller: Privateer Press

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Warmachine: Cryx Cephalyx Overlords (3 Models)
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