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Warmachine Cygnar: Cygnar Trencher Commandos (10 models)

Forged during years of warfare in some of the most brutal fighting in all the Iron Kingdoms, the
toughest soldiers of the Trenchers are singled out for special training. These commandos must
master a variety of skills that include camouflage and covert unit coordination in addition to the
deadly knife fighting techniques that are their trademark. In battle they crawl to the very edge of
no manís land to silently neutralize enemy scouts and snipers and disappear back into the woods
without a trace. Trencher Commandos come in a box. A player may field two Trencher
Commando units for each warcaster in a Cygnar army.

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Warmachine Cygnar: Cygnar Trencher Commandos (10 models)
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