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Warmachine Khador: Khador Heavy Character Warjack Behemoth (plastic)

Hailed as the ultimate Khadoran warjack, Behemoth exemplifies the best qualities of Khadoran design:  extremely heavy armor, a devastating array of weaponry, and immense strength. This peerless warjack  is as much a symbol of Khador's power to the Khadoran people as it is a force of destruction to any who  would stand against it. FEATURES: Updated significantly for the new edition, Behemoth maintains its position as one of the  most flexible and desirable warjacks available to Khador players. Equally adept at clearing swarms of  infantry with its massive cannons or shredding a colossal apart with its armor-piercing melee attacks,  Behemoth is sure to find a home with every Khador player.

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Warmachine Khador: Khador Heavy Character Warjack Behemoth (plastic)
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