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Warmachine Khador: Khador Heavy Warjack Berserker / Mad Dog / Rager

Soon after the first Berserkers proved their worth in battle, hacking into infantry with their twin axes, the  Khadoran High Kommand borrowed its chassis to develop other equally brutal machines. With the Mad  Dog trampling forward to crush enemies with bloodthirsty glee and the shield-bearing Rager standing  firm as an imposing eight-ton bodyguard, these warjacks are far from obsolete on the modern battlefield.  FEATURES: This new warjack kit is sure to be popular with Khador players. Not only is it in the beloved  new hard plastic but it also introduces two new tactical options alongside a tried-and-true favorite.  Players looking to flood the table with lots of 2019jacks are sure to enjoy the low point cost of the Mad Dog,  and those players looking to add additional survivability in the form of Shield Guard are sure to enjoy the  Rager.

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Warmachine Khador: Khador Heavy Warjack Berserker / Mad Dog / Rager
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