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Warmachine: The Undercity An Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game

Heroes will rise  .  .  . or darkness will fall. Evil lurks beneath the city of Corvis. Burdened by the growing tide of  corruption, the desperate and undermanned City Watch turns to a mercenary  company for help investigating a rash of smuggling activity and strange  disappearances. But beneath the soot-filled streets of the metropolis a  sinister plot unfolds, greater and more dangerous than anyone has dared  imagine. Join the Black River Irregulars and delve into the treacherous Undercity, a  decaying labyrinth of tunnels and caverns sprawled beneath Corvis that is home  to all manner of vice and villainy. Work as a team and utilize your hero#s  unique strengths to battle the Undercity's deadly denizens and expose the dark  conspiracy festering in the city's underbelly. If you're tough and smart,  you2019ll gain valuable experience and equipment you need to destroy the evil  threatening Corvis. Fail, and death will be the least of your concerns.  CONTENTS (PIP  61019): - Campaign guide with 7 linked adventures  - 44 plastic figures  - 4 hero character sheets  - 203 cards - 202 tokens and markers - 8 dice - 16 map tiles - Game board   -Villain reference sheet - Rulebook

Hersteller: Privateer Press

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Warmachine: The Undercity An Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game
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