The Army Painter: Wargamer Brush - Masterclass

The Army Painter: Wargamer Brush - Masterclass
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Available for all retailers in November we have a new metal dispenser for our popular brush series. Not only that, we increase the range from 12 to 15 brushes – including the black handled Kolinsky Masterclass brush. This is the most important release of the year for The Army Painter, allowing us to upgrade the all-important positioning of our products in the retail stores. This durable metal dispenser should be on the desk top of all retail stores.
The dispenser will be available empty, with the upgrade of the 3 new brushes or as a complete full dispenser. 

Product Code: APBR7000 (dispenser + all brushes)
Product Code: APBR7050 (dispenser + 3 new brushes)
Product Code: APPS6021 (empty dispenser)
Barcode: 2060218860214 (empty dispenser)
Packaged: cardboard box with metal dispenser and back card.

Weight: 740 grams, Height: 250mm, Width: 300mm, Depth: 150mm

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