Wargames Illustrated: 379 - Heroes

Wargames Illustrated: 379 - Heroes
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Wargames Illustrated WI379 May Edition is out in stores soon and comes with a FREE plastic sprue of American War of Independence Colonial Militia for the award-winning Black Powder game from Warlord Games – Order yours today!


Observation Post
Theme: Playing the Hero
Cover Mount Focus: American Militia
Rules Showcase: Mortal Gods
Theme: We can be Heroes
The Royal Hungarian Army
Theme: Lord John "Salamander" Cutts
Adrian Made Me Do It
Theme: Bring on the Action Men
Flames of War: Hit the Beaches
Theme: Flash Bang Wallop What a Hero
The War Chest
Theme: Rise of the Anti-Hero; Flashman at the Alma
DITDC Prequel
The Gaskin Collection
Hammerhead 2019 Painting Competition
Fighting Talk: Taking the Offensive - The Response
How to... Make Water Splash Markers

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