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Infinity: Tohaa Trident Starter Pack

A new faction in the Infinity universe is introduced this month. Masters of intrigue and the use of Biotechnology, the Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization of space explorers. Possessing terrible viral weapons and tough symbiont armors, their highly professional troops have been seasoned in a thousand battles against the EI. The Tohaa Starter Pack is the best choice to start collecting, providing the core units of any army list: 3 Kamael armed with Combi Rifles, the Tohaa basic troops; 1 Sakiel with Combi Rifle + Swarm Grenades, a brave veteran soldier with a light Symbiont Armor; an Ectros with Viral Combi Rifle, a very tough and versatile Heavy Infantry, possessing a heavy Symbiont Armor; and a Clipsos skirmisher armed with Combi Rifle, a female TO camouflaged infiltrator.

Hersteller: Corvus Belli

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Infinity: Tohaa Trident Starter Pack
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