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Team Yankee Cobra Helicopter (plastic x2)

TSBX05 Cobra Attack Helicopter Platoon (US) 2X AH-1 Cobra (Plastic) 25 .


2X AH-1 Cobra (Plastic) Helicopters

Make the most of your doctrine of tank destroyers and uses the ground to hide.

Missiles have anti-tank of 23 and a range of 48 /120 cm!

Can launch cluster bombs in a salvo once per game!

You can carry up to 4 helicopters in a platoon. Their ability to attack and hide itw a serious concern for enemy troops, who will see their progress sharply slowed.

Suggested purchase 1 box for every army deal you have sold. If you want to stop the Hinds, Americans cannot fail to take four of these in their lists.

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Team Yankee Cobra Helicopter (plastic x2)
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