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Team Yankee Mi-24 Hind Helicopter (plastic x2)

TSBX04 MI-24 HIND Helicopter Company (SU) Plastic MI-24 Hind Helicopters 30 €.


· 2 x Plastic MI-24 Hind Helicopters

· Nicknamed the flying tank, the hind can carry 8 soldiers and is armed with 4 rocket launchers of 57 mm in 4 sub-wing pylons, and with anti-tank missiles

· Missiles have anti-tank of 23!

· Can launch cluster bombs in a salvo once per game!

· You can take up to 6 helicopters in a company, which added to its strength and its ability to transport troops makes it a highly recommended and versatile option for any Soviet general.

Suggested purchase – 1 or 2-boxes for every Potecknov’s Bears set you’ve sold; your customers are going to want/need air support for their red horde.

Hersteller: Battlefront

Best.-Nr.: FLTSBX04

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Team Yankee Mi-24 Hind Helicopter (plastic x2)
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